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Registered Charity # 802775791RR0001

Carion Fenn Foundation provides support, education and resources to help communities through our monthly support group meetings, educational workshops and seminars such as Mental Health Symposium, Durham Mental Health Day at Queens Park, Mental Health Forum and Health Expo, with 24 hours online support.

We need your help to continue to build and maintain supporting communities; helping patients who are in desperate need of help so that they are not alone. We can't do it alone.

Living with an ailment doesn’t have to be a life sentence, we are able to help patients living with a disability learn how to reset their lives, so that they are able to be a part of the community. We bridge that gap of loneliness and lack of understanding patients often go through after diagnoses.

With your assistance we are able to help community members get the support they need and meet others with the same symptoms or conditions who can relate to them. They can learn to be a part of the community around their disability, know they are not alone and are able to get the support they deserve to be the healthiest version of themselves. We educate the public for a better understanding of individuals who might be different or do things differently. 
Through donations, membership and partnership, we are able to honour our charitable purpose.  

Together We Are Stronger

  • Val Heaton


​Those who we help face astounding adversity, including “misdiagnoses, unnecessary surgeries, lack of treatment options and support, financial hardship, and early death”. 

​We cannot do this alone; we need your help and support. 

Out of every 5 Canadians aged 20 years or older, 3 have a chronic disease and 4 are at risk of developing a chronic condition.

350 Million people globally are fighting rare diseases. Rare Diseases Impact more people than AIDS and cancer combined. Approximately 50% of the people affected by rare diseases are children; 30% of children with rare disease will not live to see their 5th birthday.

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