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Olga Lambert

Computer and Telecom Analyst

Ajax, ON ​​Canada

Heather Frempong, RN, BScN,

Registered Nurse

Whitby, On Canada

Esther is a trauma counsellor and a guest lecturer on violence against women and diversity issues. Her work is grounded in an integrated anti-racist/anti-oppression and feminist analysis, a holistic approach in which a person's experience and realities of life are not fragmented and divided. Esther has been working in the human service field for over 30 years. She is a great advocate on violence against women, youth and children.

In her work as the Executive Director of Women's Multicultural Resource and Counselling Centre of Durham (WMRCC), she is highly committed to ensuring that women, youth and children receive effective and efficient services; as well as maintaining a work environment that is free of any form of oppressions.

 Esther has created and developed a variety of innovative programs  that continues to support the integration and re-establishment of women, youth, children,  newcomer and immigrant in the community.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist serving clients in and around Whitby, Ontario, as well as online. With 10 years of experience providing both short-term counselling and long-term psychotherapy. I work with children, youth, adults, couples, and families presenting mental health issues; behavioral, developmental and parenting difficulties, as well as people managing chronic pain and illness or undergoing critical life transitions such as immigration or divorce. License in Ontario since 2010 with a ​Honours BSc. General Psychology, Masters of Education and Master of Arts in Health and Clinical Psychology.

Natasha Halliday, MA, CYCP 

​Child & Youth Practitioner

​​Toronto, On Canada


Michael Opoku, founder and owner of PINDAB LTD, community leader and member of the Carion Fenn Foundation Durham Wellness Network. 

Being a Autism and Mental Health Advocate has always been a big part of my world. Autistic people can enjoy the same rights, quality of life as any neurotypical person, with proper support and resources readily available.

Mental Health is extremely important for those living with autism and their parents/caregivers to ensure their emotional, psychological and social well-being. Being healthy emotionally can promote productivity and effectiveness especially for caregivers who feel helpless when caring for a child who has many special needs.

My advocacy will always be the good fight. Sending virtual hugs to all, you aren’t alone. 

Dr. Floyd S. Spence
Motivational Speaker, Peak Performance Coach and Mental Toughness Expert


​Ajax, ON Canada

In her professional life Olga L. Syka is a computer and telecom analyst but her other passion is in community volunteerism. She has been involved in diverse community organizations across Durham and the GTA for the past 24 years.  She volunteers or held position on the board of non-profit organizations in area of Income Tax; Women advocacy; Economic Development; Community Credit Union; Municipality By-Laws; Cultures & Heritage.

Olga is also a health advocate, since 2017 she is one of the Ambassador for ABC [After Breast Cancer] a charitable organization which provides services to Breast Cancer survivors before their surgery and post treatments. Olga is a volunteer public speaker for Historica Canada and the co-founder of People of Motherland-A World of Cultures a bilingual non-profit organization which promotes the arts and cultures of Africa continent; empowers youth to be engaged and to share their diversity through their ethnic heritage

Durham Wellness network:

Dr. Floyd Spence is a top motivational speaker and sought after peak performance coach. From entrepreneurs to athletes, executives and organizations, Dr. Floyd trains individuals and teams to develop the mental toughness necessary for peak performance and high-level success. With his in-depth knowledge and experience of working with highly successful people in life, leadership and business in the past, Dr. Floyd helps individuals

Michael Opuku

Founder & Owner, PINDAB LTD

​​Oshawa, On Canada 


Heather is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience in the health care and social service industry. She has extensive knowledge and experience in health education, health promotion, disease prevention, mental health and occupational health. Her experience and expertise in various fields such as; behavioural science, epidemiology and fundamental health sciences allows Heather to play a multi-faceted role in influencing and supporting businesses and organizations to promote and maintain the health of employees in the workplace. Heather uses prevention, protection, and pro-active health solutions to create and implement effective health and wellness programs for the workplace to improve employee health, minimize illness transmission and create a productive, healthy, and safe work environment. Heather is an active and strong advocate for social and health equality for members of the community. She believes in putting the individual first and creating a healthy community through empowering its members to live a holistic and expansive life. Heather volunteers for various committees and boards dedicated to healthcare, social equality and community development.

Natasha Halliday, MA, CYCP, Speaker, has been working in mental health for over 20 years with a specific focus on youth. She has worked in variety of settings including hospitals, schools and community agencies. Natasha believes that we all possess resilience. She is dedicated to uncovering the resilience already there, foster and build resilience where needed, and demonstrating how to grow through adversity.

Natasha has facilitated trainings on mental health forensics, and conducted community presentations on a various mental health topics. She has been teaching in the Child and Youth Care Program for over 10 years.  Natasha has shared her expertise at conferences, on radio podcasts, in workshops, seminars, mental health forums and community events.

Change is good.  Change is grief. Change is growth.  That is the mantra of Cordelia Clarke Julien, a Change Management Specialist with over 20+ years of change and transformation experience.  As a self-profess change agent, Cordelia is well-known for her enthusiastic embrace of life changes. Whether as a professional public speaker, or through her life-change coaching sessions, Cordelia helps people to find the change and transformation they desperately seek. @myelevasyon.

​Suzi Panovska-Guarrasi 

Mom with an Autistic Child

​Ajax, ON Canada​​

Our Durham Wellness Network is composed of Community Leaders devoted to implementing programs to educate, support and provide resources in the Region of Durham. 

Esther Enyolu

Executive Director

Women Multicultural and Resource Centre

​Whitby, ON Canada

Rev. Michlynn Walton

Owner, GrandDad Cares

Director At Large, Board Member

Ajax On Canada

​Vielka Almanzar Bautista, HBA, MEd, MA

Registered Psychotherapist

Whitby, ON Canada

Cordelia Clarke 

Change Management Specialist

​​Pickering, ON Canada


Rev. Michlynn Walton has been connected to the Elemental Energies from a very early age. She draws on the energies unique properties as a means to navigate her journey and learn about the world we live in. Her accreditation's include: Ordained Metaphysical Reverend, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Quantum Touch, EFT, and Sound Vibration Healing Teacher/Mentor/ Practitioner - Public speaker, Energy Intuitive - Spiritual Workshop & Retreat Facilitator - Birth & Death Doula, Grief Counselor & Hospice Worker. Rev Michlynn shares her gifts all over the world.