​Saturday, October 10, 2020 12pm – 2pm ​​

Lesly McKenna- McConnell

Ajax Resident


Cordelia Clarke Julien

Change Management Specialist​​

Decompression Session

Lesly McConnell worked in the financial services industry for 17 years with a Canadian bank and several of Canada’s leading investment firms, specializing in retirement products for high net worth investors.  Following her cancer diagnosis, Lesly left the financial services industry in 2008. Lesly has been an active member of her cottagers’ association, including a term as Vice President and leading important fund raising events. Lesly is passionate about making her community better.  Lesly is very active in sharing information and encouraging discussion and engagement through social media groups. Lesly has supported candidates at various levels of government as a volunteer, assisting with canvassing, signs and delivering campaign materials.

Lesly is a happily married mother of two adult children.  She has lived in Ajax for most of her life.  Her hobbies include gardening, bird watching and puzzling.  In July 2007, Lesly was diagnosed with breast cancer. Following a series of operations and treatments, she continues to live a healthy life as a stage three breast cancer survivor. 

​4th Annual Mental Health Forum
Location: Zoom

Carion Fenn Foundation presents our Virtual 4th Annual Mental Health Forum, Saturday, October 10, 2020 12pm – 2pm Eastern in partnership with the Ajax Public Library & Lakeridge Health. Due to Covid-19 our Forum this year is online to ensure that we continue to support you as we go through this global pandemic.

Our Forum is FREE to the public for 2 hours and features speakers such as Corey Dixon (Actor & Motivational Speaker), Ann Power (Wellness Decorator), Lesley McKenna-McConnell & Sukaina Bhojani (Community Mental Health Worker) Durham Mental Health Services focusing on Anxiety. With greetings from our leaders, Presentations and Q & A’s, resources, and a decompression session to help you unpack what you’ve learned. Our speakers will focus on the day-to-day struggles of Anxiety, how it impacts families, teaches you ways to cope through uncertainty and difficulties.

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Once registered on Eventbrite, you will receive a confirmation email containing the link that you can use to join our Forum. Please share this event with your family, friends and contacts. We are looking forward to seeing you at the Forum!

​Carion Fenn Foundation

I am Ann Powell, ‘The Wellness Decorator’, founder, visionary and guiding spirit behind Home Healing Hues. A home decorating company helping through Hues. I have been an Interior Decorator, Hunter Douglas Design Consultant with Decorview Canada in the Durham Region, Kawartha Lakes and the Greater Toronto Area of Ontario for many years. I had a life and career-changing experience when my best friend was diagnosed with breast cancer. Before her journey of operations, chemo, radiation etc. began, my friend asked me to bring my colour samples over and help her select a new colour for her family room. She chose to envelope herself in a healing colour. People’s homes are their physical space and I want to help improve their health and well-being, help heal them emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually by doing daily practices, create healing spaces with colour and environmentally friendly design ideas that promote a healthier life.

I am a Community Mental Health worker with Lakeridge Health Team. In this capacity, I have supported hundreds of clients struggling with mental health and addictions to set recovery goals and re- integrate in the community. I feel humbled that clients trust me to share their personal struggles and stories and allow me to walk with them to the path of recovery. The pleasure of making a positive difference in someone's life incredibility rewarding. I am also a Registered Psychotherapist and support clients in my private practice to deal with issues such as anxiety, depression, trauma, relationship issues and various personality issues. I facilitate them to learn various methods and strategies to cope with anxiety that we deal with in our daily lives. I am very passionate about creating awareness about Mental Health issues in the community through workshops, seminar and podcasts. 

Corey Dixon

Actor & Motivational Speaker

Change is good.  Change is grief. Change is growth.  That is the mantra of Cordelia Clarke Julien, a Change Management Specialist with over 20+ years of change and transformation experience.  As a self-profess change agent, Cordelia is well-known for her enthusiastic embrace of life changes. Whether as a professional public speaker, or through her life-change coaching sessions, Cordelia helps people to find the change and transformation they desperately seek. Using change enhancement techniques, Cordelia through Elevasyon successfully works with people to change and transform their respective worlds by providing strategic pathways to achieve goals and objectives.  

Grounded in a growth mindset principle, her work has resulted in personal and professional transformations that promote the self in awareness, assessment and advancement.  Through the application of a solutions focused lens, she has helped many rise to relevance. If you are ready for that change, DM her on twitter at @myelevasyon.

Live Virtual

Sukaina Bhojani

Community Mental Health Worker

​Health Durham Mental Health Services

Forum Speakers:

Corey Dixon is a Canadian actor and Motivational Speaker. He is known for his performances in several television series and commercials, including award winning television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. A performer from a very young age, Corey began his acting career in Theatre starring as lead role in family favourite shows such as Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Aladdin and many more.

Having experienced bullying at a very young age, Corey developed anxiety and was diagnosed with depression. In addition to Corey's battle through mental health, in 2016 Corey experienced a tragic accident that left him paralyzed from the waist down. Doctors were unsure if Corey would ever be able to walk again. Rather auspiciously, after a surgery on his back that only 5 out of 1000 patients are able to walk out of, Corey walked again. Having moved through these adversities Corey is now a motivational speaker and shares his story with individuals across Canada educating and inspiring others on topics such anti-bullying to mental health.

Ann Powel

Wellness Decorator

​Home Healing Hues

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