Chris Bovie is the External Relations Officer for Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences. His work includes community and government relations, awareness, education and helping to reduce stigma and discrimination of mental illness. Prior to joining Ontario Shores he worked as a journalist and editor for more than 20 years. 

Symposium 7pm - 9pm (Rotary Room): Panel of experts, patients and community leaders discussing how mental health affects them and the community. Audience in the Rotary Room will have the ability to ask questions of each panelist.

Carion Fenn Foundation in partnership with Ajax Public Library

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Pt. Tiwari is the Founder and Spiritual Leader of Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir. He has been a Hindu priest for the last 15 years and has completed his studies in Rishikesh, India. Pt. Tiwari is committed to delivering a proper understanding of the ancient Hindu scriptures and practices and preserving the Vedic way of life. His vision is to educate youths, adults, seniors and people from all walks of life about the essential teachings of Sanatan Dharma (the eternal way of life), called Hinduism.

Frank Kennedy

Counselor ​
Kennedy's Intervention Services Inc 

Forum Speakers

Aydin was diagnosed with Intractable Epilepsy and put on very strong medication. Initially he was unsure what was happening and resisted taking medication. Aydin Leamen was a very active and precocious 5 year old when he started displaying tick like movements. As time went on, they became more frequent, up to a 100 a day, and exaggerated. 

Aydin Leamen, Ambassador
Epilepsy Patient
Carion Fenn Foundation 

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Chris Bovie

External Relations Officer
Ontario Shores

Frank Kennedy is a professional Social Worker & Counselor spans some 35 years in Mentoring and Counselor Supervisor. Frank is experience working in trauma, abuse, grief counselling, various forms of vistimization, family dynamics, child protection, conflict resolution, emotional regulation and marital is sues affecting a wide range of cultures and socio-economic classes. Kennedy's Intervention Services. ​

Pt. Rabindranath Tiwari

Spiritual Leader
Sankat Mochan Hanuman

Mandir & Cultural Centre

Paul McGary 

Director, Mental Health and Pinewood Centre Program

Lakeridge Health

Paul McGary is the Director of the Mental Health and Pinewood Centre Program of Lakeridge Health. His involvement with Lakeridge began in 1992, and he assumed the director’s role of Pinewood in 1999, with the mental health program following in 2003.  Paul has sat on numerous boards including Connex Ontario, Addictions Ontario and currently on the Durham Family Court Clinic. Particular areas of interest include overdose and suicide prevention, system integration and concurrent disorders.

syringomyelia, Chiari  Malformation & Rare Diseases

Dr. Barabara Perry

Professor, UOIT
President, Director of Education, 

PFLAG Canada Durham Region