Education, Support & ​​​Resources for RARE Disease Management!

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syringomyelia, Chiari  Malformation & Rare Diseases

Carion Fenn Foundation is a Registered Charity Established to Educate, Support and help find solutions for those affected Rare Diseases such as Syringomyelia (SM), Chiari Malformation (CM), EDS, Arthritis, Epilepsy, Sarcoidosis, LAM, Familial Ataxia and other Diseases or Disorders. There are over 7,000 known rare diseases or disorders and more than 50% of those affected are children. We strive to help those affected from suffering in silence without the help and support that they deserve. 

The Ajax Public Library is the gateway to information and resources that improve the quality of life, foster life-long learning, encourage community involvement, and meet the varying educational and social needs of all members of its communities, within available resources.

TIFIDIN Tea was founded by Sophia Bishop as an extension of her love for collecting quotes and her belief in the power of words. TIFIDIN Tea is a health and wellness lifestyle teas that facilitate personal reflection and shared deliberation. Featuring messages that engage, educate and entertain. TIFIDIN Teas can be customized with a personal message, image or company logo. It is a premiere source for inspirational, gifts and events.  

First Annual

Exhibitors Corner...

The Neurofibromatosis Society of Ontario (NFSO) was founded in 1985. The very first meeting included members that are still very active today. Dedicated to supporting NF people and their families, educating the public and medical profession.

The mission of the NFSO is to support individuals and families affected by NF, to educate its members, professionals, and the general public about NF, and support NF research.

This event is ideal to showcase your Business, Products, Organization, Not-For Profit or Charity. Connecting and engaging local communities to increase awareness, educate the public about Mental Health. Spend your Saturday in promoting your Business or Organization. Contact us today for more information on becoming an Exhibitor at this years Mental Health Forum. 

October 10, 2017 5PM - 9PM

Our Mission at the Sankat Mochan Hanuman Mandir & Cultural Center is to provide a spiritual, peaceful and educational environment, a proper understanding of our ancient scriptures and religious practices, to preserve and teach the Vedic way of life of Sanatan Dharma called Hinduism to children, youth and adults.An institution where people from all cultures and religions can learn about Hinduism.

Matthew Burns RMT, SIT, (C)CAMA, (D)CAPM is Pain Specialist [(D)CAPM] who empowers his patients to kick pain’s @$$… Matthew focuses on complicated chronic pain conditions and pain alike; providing passive care and detailed active strategies to empower patients to take pain care in their own hands. Matthew practices Registered Massage Therapy, Acupuncture, Kinesiology taping, Electromodalities and more. If you’re in pain please come talk to him!!! His knowledge and connections in the pain community will help you kick pain’s… you know what.

Ontario Shores Centre for Mental Health Sciences (Ontario Shores) is a public hospital providing a range of specialized assessment and treatment services to those living with complex and serious mental illness. Exemplary patient care is delivered through safe and evidence-based approaches where successful outcomes are achieved using best clinical practices and the latest advances in research.  Patients benefit from a recovery-oriented environment of care built on compassion, inspiration and hope.