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Carion Fenn Foundation presents its 3rd Annual Mental Health Symposium in partnership with Ajax Public Library, Lakeridge Health and Ajax Home Week.

Helen Manohararaj, B.ScN., M.Sc., NP-PHC, ENC(C), has over a decade of emergency medicine and mental health experience. She is currently nurse practitioner lead for Lakeridge Health’s Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) clinics and treats patients at the Pinewood Centre, Lakeridge Health’s residential addictions treatment service.

Helen began practicing as a nurse practitioner at Oshawa Hospital’s inpatient mental health unit. Recently, Helen developed the nurse practitioner addiction role at the RAAM clinic, focussed on strengthening partnerships among emergency physicians, addiction specialists and primary care providers in Durham Region. Featured in the Globe and Mail in 2018, the RAAM clinic is a recognized leading practice for addictions treatment. Over 500 people have been supported by this walk-in model since the Oshawa RAAM clinics opened in January 2018. In addition to her clinical work, Helen provides observership opportunities to allied health professionals and medical residents. Her international experience includes providing primary care to street youth and other populations in Zambia.

Helen Manohararaj

Nurse Practitioner

Mental Health & Societal Stress

​​Rapid Access Addiction Medicine (RAAM) Clinics

Lakeridge Health

Olga Lambert

Computer Analyst 

​Surviving Cancer (Patient Story)

Jim has lived in Ajax since 2006 with his wife and 3 daughters. Jim owns and operates the automotive dealership VanDusen Chevrolet Buick GMC in Ajax. Graduating from the University of Toronto with an Economics Degree, he worked with General Motors Acceptance Corporation (GMAC) for 18 years and moved to the retail automotive space in 2008. Jim has always had a strong community focus. He truly believes that “giving back” to our local community is an obligation on part of businesses and enjoys striving to make our community better every day. He is known for his various levels of community support. He is a Director on the Ajax Pickering Hospital Foundation Board and is an active member of the Ajax Pickering Board of Trade’s Government Relations Committee. In 2015, VanDusen Chevrolet Buick GMC proudly was awarded the Board of Trade – Business Excellence Award – Large Business of the Year (50+ Employees). In 2017, while maintaining his dealership in Ajax, Jim assumed the role of Chief Operating Officer for the NewRoads Automotive Group in York Region, where he is responsible for the overall operations of 7 additional dealership.

In her professional life Olga Lambert is a computer and telecom analyst but her other passion is in community volunteerism. She has been involved in diverse community organizations across Durham and the GTA for the past 24 years.  She volunteers or held position on the board of non-profit organizations in area of Income Tax; Women advocacy; Economic Development; Community Credit Union; Municipality By-Laws; Cultures & Heritage.

Olga is also a health advocate, in 2017 she was named as an Ambassador for ABC [After Breast Cancer] a charitable organization which provides services and assist Breast Cancer survivors before their surgery and post treatments. Olga herself had Breast Cancer in 2009 and went to have 2 other cancers in the last 10 years. She is a three times Cancer survivor. She has made it her new mission to bring awareness to people to be pro-active and self-advocate of their health care.

55 Harwood Avenue South Ajax ON L1S 2H8

Main Branch, Rotary Room

Sophia Bishop


Elevated Living

Personal Effectiveness

Cordelia Clarke - Julien

Change Management Specialist


Life Change Societal Stress Break Away Session

“Words have the power to elevate and inspire us to unimagined success. They can propel us in the direction of our dreams and fortify us through to their fruition”.

~ Sophia Bishop

Sophia Bishop is a Socialpreneur and Founder of Elevated Living - a Personal Effectiveness lifestyle company providing peak performance products, training tools, and services. Inspired by her grandmother’s teaching and her personal belief in the power of words, Sophia is guided by the adage that we should ‘expect only the best from ourselves and inspire the same in others.’ It is grounded in her TIFIDIN (THINK IT FEEL IT DO IT NOW) principle that states: “What you THINK determines what you feel, What you FEEL determines what do, The cumulative effect of what you do now determines your life's legacy.” Throughout the years, Sophia worked within the mental health and wellness sector. Committed to social justice and equity she served on the frontline in advocacy roles and at policy tables.

Savanah is a front-line crisis counsellor at two Oshawa shelters for violence against women as well as at mental health crisis beds program. She has been in the field for over 3 years and gained insight and experience in the impact of personal issues that result from social problems.

Having lived, studied, and worked in Durham Region all her life, Savanah has taken interest in her community and the impacts of societal stress on some of our most vulnerable populations. Now completing her degree in Social Work at York University, Savanah believes in coming from a feminist, anti-discriminatory practice to reduce barriers and increase well-being for all members of our communities. 

Savanah Watters, SSW, ADMH

Front-line worker

​​​Women & Children Abuse

The Denise House

Jim VanDusen
Chief Operating Officer

Workplace Stress

​New Roads Automotive Group & VanDusen Chevrolet Buick GMC​​

Change is good.  Change is grief. Change is growth.  That is the mantra of Cordelia Clarke Julien, a Change Management Specialist with over 20+ years of change and transformation experience.  As a self-profess change agent, Cordelia is well-known for her enthusiastic embrace of life changes. Whether as a professional public speaker, or through her life-change coaching sessions, Cordelia helps people to find the change and transformation they desperately seek.

Using change enhancement techniques, Cordelia through Elevasyon successfully works with people to change and transform their respective worlds by providing strategic pathways to achieve goals and objectives.  

Grounded in a growth mindset principle, her work has resulted in personal and professional transformations that promote the self in awareness, assessment and advancement.  Through the application of a solutions focused lens, she has helped many rise to relevance.  If you are ready for that change, DM her on twitter at @myelevasyon.

Join the discussion on Societal Stress!

Our Annual Mental Health Symposium will feature a panel of speakers, exhibitors and a break away session talking about social stress, relationships with others, and social environments. Our speakers will focus on day-to-day life and how social environments can affect our social behaviours. Listen to our panel members, ask questions, participate in our break away session, and enjoy light refreshments. Don’t forget to fill out an entry ballot to win some great prizes.