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Paul Bernard Culver June 10, 1934 - October 29, 2011

Who is Paul B Culver?
Paul  Culver is a Dad, a Grandad, a great Grandad and so much more. He was considered by many to be their Dad. And rightfully so as his greatest gift was his compassion and unconditional love for EVERYONE. 

Yes I am his daughter but others will tell you they felt equally loved. He would say "what you do for one you do for another". He walked many of my cousins down the aisle on their wedding day. He would lend a helping hand to anyone who asked.  My dad loved us all NO MATTER WHAT. 

He stayed true to his core family values and was a great teacher. Some of the lessons he has instilled in me were: never leave anyone alone at the dinner table, if you are old enough to party you are old enough to show up for work, appreciate the little gestures, show up to offer support, if someone is in need, share and help them out, you won't know unless you try. He truly encompassed the words I live by through my outreach that every little bit helps and every little bit makes a difference!

My Dad grew  up in the depression, the oldest of 4, he left school at grade six to help support his family. Yet he was one of the smartest people I have known. He read lots of books, taught himself what he needed to learn and raised not only his immediate family, but our extended family.

I guess the greatest gift my Dad shared with me was be fearless. You will hear me say my Dad told me I could do anything I put my mind to. If I wanted to try something or help someone all I needed was to be mindful, respectful, non-judgmental and open to whatever may happen.( Chopping wood story) We may not always be successful but give it a try and your  best. 

My Dad loved with all he had! He showed up to my events at school, he made time to show up at my children's school events.( The boys track meets, Jerrica gymnastics) He was generous with his time and no matter who you were he made you feel number 1.

On behalf of my mother, my children, my grandchildren and my extended family our most humbled gratitude for this award. This is an incredible honour. He is most definitely looking down on all of us, with love, appreciation and continuous support. Be fearless, help out anyone whenever you can and love NO MATTER WHAT. Thank you.

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