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Change is good.  Change is grief. Change is growth.  That is the mantra of Cordelia Clarke Julien, a Change Management Specialist with over 20+ years of change and transformation experience.  As a self-profess change agent, Cordelia is well-known for her enthusiastic embrace of life changes. Whether as a professional public speaker, or through her life-change coaching sessions, Cordelia helps people to find the change and transformation they desperately seek. @myelevasyon.

Heather Fre​mpong, RN, BScN,

Registered Nurse​ / Mental Health 


Alec King 

Communications lead

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Cordelia Clarke Julien

Change Management Specialist

Foundational Self​​

Heather is a Registered Nurse with over 15 years of experience in the health care and social service industry. She has extensive knowledge and experience in health education, health promotion, disease prevention, mental health and occupational health. Her experience and expertise in various fields such as; behavioural science, epidemiology and fundamental health sciences allows Heather to play a multi-faceted role in influencing and supporting businesses and organizations to promote and maintain the health of employees in the workplace. Heather volunteers for various committees and boards dedicated to healthcare, social equality and community development.

Carion Fenn Foundation in partnership with Ajax Legion invites you to join us for our FREE Weekly Virtual Mental Health Chat May 10, 20XX – June 10, 20XX 7pm – 8:30pm EST. Our Chat provide support through various mental health & wellness experts and community through information, support, and a Q & A. Our speakers include, Canadian Mental Health Association Durham, Durham Mental Health Services, Change Management Specialist, Psychotherapist, Nurse, Community members and others. Our chat not only helps to encourage social engagement, but also promotes participation and maintaining relationships as part of championing mental wellness. Our program runs for 1.5 hours in length with 50 minutes speaking time and then 40 minutes dedicated for an interactive session of questions to the speakers.

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Once registered you will receive confirmation email containing the link that you can use to join us. FREE event open to the public. Please share this event with family, friends, and contacts. 

Rev. Michlynn Walton has been connected to the Elemental Energies from a very early age. She draws on the energies unique properties as a means to navigate her journey and learn about the world we live in. Her accreditation's include: Ordained Metaphysical Reverend, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Quantum Touch, EFT, and Sound Vibration Healing Teacher/Mentor/ Practitioner - Public speaker, Energy Intuitive - Spiritual Workshop & Retreat Facilitator - Birth & Death Doula, Grief Counselor & Hospice Worker. Rev Michlynn shares her gifts all over the world. 

Alec King is the communications lead for Canadian Mental Health Association Durham. He has worked in Community Mental Health for over 20 years. 

Rev. Michlynn Walton

Owner, GrandDad Cares

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