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Andrew Felker


Week #4: January 28, 2021:​​

1PM – 2PM: Nutrition 

2PM – 2: 30PM: Estate Planning 

1PM – 2PM: Online Communications 

2:30 PM – 3PM: Social Club (Alex Blair)

Joshua Albrecht

​Actor & Entertainer

Lloyd Rang is a multi-award-winning communicator and humourist and one of Canada’s top speechwriters. Lloyd has 20 years of experience working closely with clients from the private, public and not-for-profit sectors.  

1PM – 2PM: Mental Health 

Corey Dixon is a Canadian actor and Motivational Speaker. He is known for his performances in several television series and commercials, including award winning television series Degrassi: The Next Generation. A performer from a very young age, Corey began his acting career in Theatre starring as lead role in family favourite shows such as Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, Aladdin and many more.

2:30 PM – 3PM: Social Club (Alex Blair)

2PM – 2: 30PM: Music & Dance 

2PM – 2: 30PM: Yoga 

Thursdays 1pm – 3pm EST January 7 - March 25, 2021 

2:30 PM – 3PM: Music Trivia 

1PM – 2PM: Safety & Fraud Prevention 

Thai Massage Practitioner & Yoga Instructor currently employed at Durham Manor in Pickering with a Yoga Instructor, Thai Massage and Reiki Level 1 Certificates. Yoga has been an amazing tool of transformation in my life. It has opened up to me a wonderful world of postures, meditation & breathing techniques. It has taught me to be kinder to myself and others and it has also raised my awareness of aspects of myself beyond the physical. It has taught me to be more mindful and yoga constantly reminds me to live in the present moment. My goal is to keep on learning & to share the knowledge and expertise I have acquired with my clients. 

O u r  |  V i s i o n: To have the safest community for people to live, work and play. O u r  |  M i s s i o n: As Leaders in Community Safety, we work proudly with all members of our community while holding ourselves accountable to improved effectiveness in everything we do. We proactively address future challenges while upholding our values. O u r  |  Values: Every member of the Durham Regional Police Service is committed to providing quality service in partnership with our community. While learning from each other, we will achieve excellence through pride, respect, understanding and ethical behaviour..

2:30 PM – 3PM: Social Club (Rev. Michlynn Walton)


Change is good. Change is grief. Change is growth. That is the mantra of Cordelia Clarke Julien, a Change Management Specialist with over 20+ years of change and transformation experience. As a self-profess change agent, Cordelia is well-known for her enthusiastic embrace of life changes. Whether as a professional public speaker, or through her life-change coaching sessions, Cordelia helps people to find the change and transformation they desperately seek. Using change enhancement techniques, Cordelia through Elevasyon successfully works with people to change and transform their respective worlds by providing strategic pathways to achieve goals and objectives. 

Week #1: January 7, 2021

I am a 1st Nations Ojibway “PEACEFUL” Warrior Woman (Kwe) who is out going, loving, caring, compassionate, empathetic, open minded and giving. Whose journey & walk of life even since having had Stroke in 2012 total left side paralysis. A calling, mission and life to serve assist protect guide & support “AWOL” All walks of life without prejudice. Also, a college graduate as a Counsellor/Therapist/Life,Skills Facilitator/CPI/Other with the objective goal: Also, volunteer with CCAC/other, pastoral care & spiritual (non denominational) & sitting on various community BOD’s. 


All participants are required to read and agree to our waiver and all registration pending approval. A loaner Tablet is available to limit participants and returnable after program ends. Space is limited, so register now to secure your spot. All participant participate at their own risk. 

Vivalyn Chang

Yoga Instructor

Week #2: January 14, 2021

Sparky T. J

Program Host

Rev. Michlynn Walton 

Program & Trivia Host

Alex Blair is a retired crisis counselor for the City of Toronto who also worked in Durham Region with organizations such as Durham Mental Health Services. A resident of Town of Ajax with over 40 years of experience working as a social worker. He has a bachelors degree in social work and takes great pride in being able to make a difference in the lives of others. A husband, father and grandfather. Alex is enjoying retirement years as a senior. 

Joshua Albrecht is a part time actor and entertainer. He has performed in several commercials and sitcoms including Overruled, What's Up Warthog and Winging it. Being the youngest of 4, Josh was a performer from a very young age. Before the recent pandemic situations, Josh enjoyed singing golden oldies in local senior centers.

Carion Fenn Foundation invites you to sign up for our FREE Weekly Virtual Seniors Program supporting ages 55+ to stay connected and healthy during Covid-19 utilizing Technology, Education & Social Engagement. Nutrition, Yoga, Music, Trivia, Mental Health & more. Registration is open until March 25, 2021. After reading our waiver, please fill out our registration form to secure your seat now. Once registered you will receive confirmation from our project manager with the details to join us using Zoom. 

Community Partners:

2:30 PM – 3PM: Social Club (Alex Blair)

Andrew articled with Walker, Head and joined the firm upon his call to the Bar. Andrew is a partner at Walker, Head and is also the firm’s wills and estates lawyer. Andrew practices exclusively in the area of wills, estates and estate litigation. He is certified by the Law Society of Upper Canada as a specialist in Estates and Trusts Law. Andrew has extensive experience representing individuals, executors, beneficiaries and attorneys under a power of attorney, in the areas of Will drafting (including provisions for disabled beneficiaries), powers of attorney, trust documents, incapacity issues (Henson Trusts), estate administration, guardianship issues and estate litigation, including Will interpretations, passing of estate accounts and dependant support proceedings.

Jayde MacLean

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Week #3: January 21, 2021

Cordelia Clarke Julien

Change Management


Rev. Michlynn Walton has been connected to the Elemental Energies from a very early age. She draws on the energies unique properties as a means to navigate her journey and learn about the world we live in. Her accreditation's include: Ordained Metaphysical Reverend, Reiki, Soul Retrieval, Quantum Touch, EFT, and Sound Vibration Healing Teacher/Mentor/ Practitioner - Public speaker, Energy Intuitive - Spiritual Workshop & Retreat Facilitator - Birth & Death Doula, Grief Counselor & Hospice Worker. 


Martin Franssen​​

Alex Blair

Retired Social Worker

Social Club Host

Together We Are Stronger®

Program Schedule

Week #1: January 7, 2021

Online Communications - Lloyd Rang

Yoga - Vivalyn Chang, Durham Manor

Social Club - Rev. Michlynn Walton

Week #2: January 14, 2021

Nutrition - Jayde MacLean,

Certified Nutritional Practitioner

Music Trivia - Corey Dixon, Actor

Social Club - Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #3: January 21, 2021

Mental Health - Cordelia Clarke Julien, 

Change Management Specialist

Estate Planning - Andrew Felker, Lawyer

Social Club: Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #4: January 28, 2021

Safety & Fraud Prevention - Martin Franssen Durham Region Police Services

Music - Joshua Albrecht, Actor

Social Club: Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #5: February 4, 2021

Online Communications - Lloyd Rang

Yoga - Vivalyn Chang, Yoga Instructor

Social Club - Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #6: February 11, 2021

Arthritis Diet Tips: Cristina Montoya, 

Arthritis Dietition

Movie Trivia - Rev. Michlynn Walton

Social Club - Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #7: February 18, 2021

Mental Health - Cordelia Clarke Julien

Fitness - Dr. Fabrizio Di Stefano, Chiropractor

Social Club - Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker​​​​

Week #8: February 25, 2021

Brain Health & Dementia - Alzheimer Society

of Durham Region

Music - Joshua Albrecht, Actor

Social Club - Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #9: March 4, 2021
Online Communications - Lloyd Rang
Yoga - Vivalyn Chang, Durham Manor
Social Club - Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #10: March 11, 2021
Seniors Fire Safety & Hazard, Shelley Langer,

Ajax Fire Department
5 Things Game with Rev. Michlynn
Social Club - Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #11: March 18, 2021
Mental Health - Cordelia Clark Julien, Change Management Specialist

Fitness - Dr. Fabrizo Di Stefano, Chiropractor
Social Club - Alex Blair, Retired Social Worker

Week #12: March 25, 2021
Expert Conclusion with Q & A

Music Performance with Rev. Michlynn & the Grandad Care Boys


Jayde MacLean is a Certified Nutritional Practitioner specializing in gut health. She has a passion for helping those with digestive issues, IBS, bloating and celiac disease. At the age of 13, Jayde was diagnosed with celiac disease and had to make changes to her diet and lifestyle to overcome her health challenges.

She now helps others who are on similar health journeys to reclaim their health through her food blog ( and nutrition consulting.

Lloyd Rang

President & CEO​​