Together We Are Stronger®

Registered Charity # 802775791RR0001

Our Vision, Mission and Values:

Vision: Together We Are Stronger®

Mission: To promote health and wellness through support, education and resources.


               Community:   We believe that everyone benefits when we work together.  

                                       Having a network to connect you to support, education and 

                                       resources can help individuals cope with physical, emotional

                                       and social struggles.

               Empathy:       We believe in supporting others and treating them with 

                                      compassion, understanding and respect regardless of health

                                      status or ability.

              Dedication:    We believe it takes commitment, passion and hard work to

                                      create meaningful and lasting change in the lives of others.

              Innovation:     We believe in creating new and innovative programs to

                                       address the diverse needs in health and wellness.